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The team at Nesilash Beauty Salon aims to bring our customers the best of our services, make them realise their true potential, and bring out their hidden features.

Our goal is to give you the best eyelash extensions that are long-lasting, damage-free, and look natural. Even without makeup, our voluminous lashes hold power to bring out the best of your beautiful eyes.

We also profoundly focus on eyelash health and educating our customers about sustainable and safe lash treatments.

Our boutique lash salon offers a wide range of cosmetic services tailored to the demands of our clientele. Look and feel amazing with Nesilash Beauty.

What Are The Services Offered By Nesilash Beauty?

We provide a range of professional salon services and treatments to highlight your attributes and ensure that our clients look their best when they leave our salon.

Here are the services we offer:

Lash Extensions

You can get darker, more voluminous and longer lashes with our eyelash extension services provided by licensed lash artists.

We use non-toxic products and ensure that experts conduct the procedure hygienically and safely. With our services, you can achieve the mascara look without the mascara and get a natural lash look.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening involves a whitening process that includes removing stains and a whitening treatment. The treatment comprises teeth whitening products to give you whiter, brighter teeth.

People often get yellow teeth as a side effect if they drink coffee or red wine too often, which can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Tooth whitening solutions can help you smile with confidence and put an end to your insecurities.

Brow Shaping

We can modify and enhance the shape of your brows, which can radically transform your appearance. With our expert recommendations, get the perfect contour that highlights your features.

Give your brows a distinct form with Nesilash Beauty’s exclusive brow tinting, brow and lash tinting and brow shaping services.


Whether you’re going for a no make-up make-up look or need a bold party make-up look, the specialists at Nesilash are always prepared to give you the makeover you need. You can get customised beauty services ranging from touch-ups to glow-ups.

Whether you want to draw attention to a single feature, add volume to your lashes, shape your brows, need a specific look you’ve seen on social media or get a makeover, our team is always ready to assist you as you wish.

The make-up and hair salon experts at Nesilash beauty are qualified and trained to provide you with the best services with high-quality products, hygiene and precision. Leave it to us to give you the best salon experience you have ever had.

The One-Stop Destination For Realising Your True Potential: Nesilash Beauty

Need convenient services for expert lash extensions near me? Schedule an appointment with us online and begin the journey to identifying and enhancing your best features with successful completion with us.

Enjoy exclusive teeth whitening, brow shaping, eyelash extensions and make-up services provided by salon experts only at Nesilash Beauty.

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