Lash Extensions

Perfect Lashes for Your Morning Rise!

Use Eyelash Extension Services By Nesilash to enhance the natural attractiveness of your eye.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Achieve the mascara look – without the mascara! A natural enhancement to your everyday look, perfect for everyday wear.

Application: Maximum coverage of Natural Eyelash Extensions. This is when a single faux lash is applied meticulously to a single natural lash.

This service is available in the following three systems:
Suitable for clients with dense natural lashes.

Volume Extensions

Excellent for adding more glitz to your regular look or for big occasions.

Application: A single natural lash is covered with 4-6D fine false lashes that have been fanned out.

Compared to our Natural 3D Volume, this offers greater coverage and thickness.

Perfect for clients who want to add a little additional glitz to their regular looks, for a special occasion, or for an event while you’re on vacation!

This service is available in the following two systems:
$160 to $180 for a new set

Hybrid Lash Extensions

When applying eyelash extensions using the “Hybrid” technique, we mix our “Classic” and “Volume” fans exactly 50/50.

Application: This brand-new “Hybrid” set combines the bulk application method with the premium single lash application method. A fuller, fluffier, and more textured appearance is the end result.

200 lashes or so per eye

This service is available in the following 2 systems:

Fresh Set: $140 (60 – 80 minutes)

Replace: $90 to $95